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Air Conditioning Tips

What to do Before You Call For Service

1) Check your air filter and change it regularly we suggest to check the filter every time you get your power bill change if dirty.

2) If you see Ice buildup on the unit call us for service and turn off unit till we can get a technician to the house.

3) If the unit will not turn on, check to see if the circuit breaker has tripped, if so try to reset the breaker by firmly turning it off then switch it to the on side again.

4) Always keep outside unit clear from obstacles grass, sprinklers, bushes and garbage cans all obstruct airflow.

In Heating Season

5) In the winter when the heat strip turns on for the first time there sometimes is a burning smell this should disperse quickly, if it does not call 911 especially if you see any smoke.

6) If the outside unit fan quits running but is making a humming noise this should stop within 10 minutes defrost mode has be initiated you would hear a swoosh sound when it cycles out of defrost. You may see vapor smoke when it comes on.

7) Dirt is the sole number one reason Air Conditioning systems fail it is recommended by the factory to have the unit serviced at least once a year to keep it clean.